I have absolutely no solutions for ANYTHING on this planet, dimension, etc.

“Of course not. You are not here to have solutions. You are here to experience, to feel…”

Okay then what about creating with thoughts?

“That is true but that is not a solution for what is here. You may create another scenario which would be completely different from what you are experiencing currently. But you would not be CHANGING this scenario.  It is what it is. It is established for your experience.”

So I cannot ‘technically’ heal myself?

“Correct. You may create a healthy body in another scenario; which, by the way, has nothing to do with the unhealthy situation.”

So I can determine what I prefer, so to speak?

“Oh, Yes. And in that you have created what you prefer.”

Then why am I not seeing my body healed?

“Because you are continually creating, recreating, health, healing, getting better, getting worse…
When you think that you are getting better what you have actually done is to create a parallel situation in which you see yourself better than you were yesterday. Then as you lose ‘faith’ or become disgruntled, or begin to feel unworthy… or have any type of thought in which you do not see yourself healthy, that is what you have created… again, and again, and again.
As in the case of healing, you never get better or worse. You create EACH scenario individually. You see it as maybe getting better or worse based on your comparisons. You do not understand that you have created each and every situation individually… until now that is.  🙂
You NEVER CHANGE YOUR PRESENT SITUATION INTO A BETTER OR WORSE SITUATION. You simply create another situation. This happens with every thought.”

I must selah (pause and think about this) wow.