I have absolutely no solutions for ANYTHING on this planet, dimension, etc.

“Of course not. You are not here to have solutions. You are here to experience, to feel…”

Okay then what about creating with thoughts?

“That is true but that is not a solution for what is here. You may create another scenario which would be completely different from what you are experiencing currently. But you would not be CHANGING this scenario.  It is what it is. It is established for your experience.”

So I cannot ‘technically’ heal myself?

“Correct. You may create a healthy body in another scenario; which, by the way, has nothing to do with the unhealthy situation.”

So I can determine what I prefer, so to speak?

“Oh, Yes. And in that you have created what you prefer.”

Then why am I not seeing my body healed?

“Because you are continually creating, recreating, health, healing, getting better, getting worse…
When you think that you are getting better what you have actually done is to create a parallel situation in which you see yourself better than you were yesterday. Then as you lose ‘faith’ or become disgruntled, or begin to feel unworthy… or have any type of thought in which you do not see yourself healthy, that is what you have created… again, and again, and again.
As in the case of healing, you never get better or worse. You create EACH scenario individually. You see it as maybe getting better or worse based on your comparisons. You do not understand that you have created each and every situation individually… until now that is.  🙂
You NEVER CHANGE YOUR PRESENT SITUATION INTO A BETTER OR WORSE SITUATION. You simply create another situation. This happens with every thought.”

I must selah (pause and think about this) wow.



Dream It – Visit It – Settle It – Create It

I’ve been there. In dreaming I am attempting to settle any anxiety that I have about a future/past event. In visiting this event I am giving myself the chance to create any outcome that I want to occur.

My god, what an ability! What a blessing. Now that I understand this I can use it deliberately. Dreams have no reason to frighten or confuse me any longer.

Couldn’t this also be said about imagination?

Isn’t this also what we do when we ‘overthink’ a situation? What we are doing is using creative abilities to imagine a future/past event. However without ‘knowing’ of our creative power of thought and emotion we could overthink, using anxieties and fears and dreads without the understanding of how powerful we are as creative beings. We create an open vision and use our imagination to scare ourselves silly before an event ever takes place.

By understanding that I can ‘go there’ and create whatever situation that pleases me, there can be no fear or dread. I have the power of creation! This future/past event is MY EVENT! I am the planner. I am the host. I am whatever, whoever, I need or want to be. This is my event for the making.

I do not have to ‘hope’ that things will go in my favor. I have to make things go in my favor. This is my event. No one else is planning this event for me. I am planning this event for myself in whatever way that I choose. And if I choose to plan this event in anxiety and fear then that is exactly what I will get; not only while I am overthinking it but also when I actually get there to experience it. Actually overthinking it IS being there and I have already tortured myself.


I have the creative ability to use my excitement in a positive way, in a manner that ‘feels good’ to me. I have the creative ability to choose joy over anxiety or fear or dread.

I choose love. I choose peace. I choose happiness. I choose FUN!

2017 03 11 Western Art Museum - Man Painting

It’s my painting. I can paint what I want to see.

Relentless Search for Truth

SETH: “…In a way, illnesses are definitely a part of health, for life itself consists of a fine alignment, of imbalances. One disease may actually protect you from a stronger one, or from a detrimental course of action that you might otherwise follow.
In the greater realm of activity—I am trying to put this simply—a poor marriage, for example, is on the same level as a chronic but not life-threatening disease.
It is not simply that disease is disease, and relationships are relationships, but that the individual generally tries to achieve the best possible conditions for a satisfying spiritual, emotional and physical existence according to beliefs and intents.
There is no separation between body and mind, so that the body has emotional considerations to take into consideration also. It has mental reasons for its actions, then, as the mind has physical ones.
A poor marriage, for example, bringing years of loneliness or bitterness is, again, the same thing in its way as, say, chronic kidney stones.
Such a person may, however, according to intents and beliefs and focus, be in fairly decent physical health —because health may be a prerogative…” ~ 1977 12 10 The Personal Sessions, Book 4, Deleted Session


Today as I reread SETH’s Words they become bigger and bigger to me. When I first read this I did not realize the magnitude or the depth of what Seth was saying.  I was so excited because I knew that it was being revealed to me and that this was beyond greatness but the fullness of the understanding is still being revealed to me at this moment.

I knew that the body had a consciousness in which it was capable of functioning on its own, constantly regenerating and healing itself, but I think that was as far as my understanding went. But what I did not understand was that the body consciousness had EMOTIONAL considerations! And if the body and the mind are inseparable, the body can communicate to the mind that the ‘imbalance’ of energy should not be used for illness (health being my prerogative), but possibly be used in relationship to a poor marriage.

This witnesses with me! Health is my prerogative. It always has been. I have loved the strength of my body and obviously my body knows and appreciates that. I never had any understanding of a loving or happy marriage in my youth so settling for a poor marriage, at that time, was an easy choice. The imbalanced energy in my life had to go somewhere and my body knew that I didn’t want it on me so the obvious choice was to move it ‘outside’ of this flesh. Pretty cool decision actually.

Where this gets messy is when religion told me that my body was just a vessel and that there was a definite separation between my body and my spirit which causes a break in communication. Religion has you feeling that your body is your enemy and that it is filled with the sins of your forefathers, beginning with Adam and Eve. This very idea of sin causes body hatred for some.
Obviously this is not true; for this physical body and this entire physical reality are my own projections, my own self, my own representative of human manifestation! There is no separation! God Is, I Am, My Body Is, My Reality Is, All One. There is no separation. I am ‘on’ Earth Being Myself…as I choose to be.

Now; In my life at this point…I am a different person from that crazy little girl. Now, I have made the choice for a wonderful and loving marriage with Ross; which brings up a point of what to do with ‘imbalances’ in my energy.

My mind knows that the decision has been made to never sacrifice the marriage.

My body emotionally feels the strength of my decision to keep my marriage loving and strong, HOWEVER it feels emotionally bound to hold to my original decision of strength and health. So what is to be sacrificed?

…Which brings me to this moment of understanding – YES! YES! YES! As crazy as it sounds, I feel my physical, human representation, asking me for help (communion), not as a separate being but as myself incarnate, being more powerful and durable than it ever has been, based on this understanding of oneness.

My Great Uncle SETH says, “…life itself consists of a fine alignment, of imbalances.”

‘We’ (me, myself, and I) have no space or time for imbalanced energies. Nothing is to be sacrificed. Imbalances are to be ‘Finely Aligned’ with Truth.

This so explains the constant pushing for more of ‘God’ that I have felt all of my life. This incarnation’s intent is the Relentless Search for Truth! I have never been able to settle for less and I can’t stop here… My final human breath will be whispering, “Yes, I have found it. I have found my truth. I can move on now.”



Perfection has no boundaries. Perfection is not corralled in only allowing ‘what is good’ to enter. Perfection is boarderless. Perfection is completeness, wholeness, ALL THAT IS. Perfection knows no separation. Perfection has no need. Perfection just IS.



2015 06 06 ~ I have been so frustrated with myself for so many years trying to understand what happens to a revelation once I have spoken it or written it down.

That information has been assimilated and is now being used and it is no longer ‘filed’ in the revelation ‘box’. It is alive within me. It is a part of me now.

That revelation box no longer exists because it was only inactive information until I understood it and assimilated it into my beingness.

This is which makes it very difficult to go back and find it as a revelation. That revelation, as a revelation, no longer exists! I’m looking for that revelation ‘feeling’ of excitement and I have moved on into living the knowledge instead of worshiping it.

Well how about that!



2015 05 16 ~ The fact that we are experiencing linear time is the reason that we feel confined and restricted. We are still creating and uncreating, it is just that with the slower vibrational tones creating the feelings of thickness it is so much more difficult to retain the KNOWING of our true existence.

Outside of these physical bodies we will be creating and uncreating as we do now but we will be able to observe our creations being created without the thickness of time.

The unknown leaves you in a position of wanting to imagine what non-physical will be like so that we are not so apprehensive. Apprehensive may not be the correct word as that connotation holds a type of fear and I don’t feel fear exactly but I desire to envision non-physical so that I can say to myself, oh okay, it’s not really that different, it’s just outside of the slow crawl of linear time and you can actually ‘see’ what you are experiencing.