2015 03 27 ~ Is it possible that I have only chosen each experience just as an experience? Is it possible that I just wanted to feel what it would be like to be afraid? Is it possible that all that I agreed to was to ‘see’ what would happen if I were afraid? Is it just possible that all that I wanted to do was observe?

If that is all true then why do I feel that I have to bring each situation to a close? Why do I feel that I have to ‘solve’ each situation? Why am I anticipating an end?

Do I not have freedom of choice? Can I not just move away after observing? Do I have to ‘handle’ each situation as if it were real or is it possible that I can smile and be satisfied that I have experienced?



One thought on “Experience

  1. I just noticed today, that a friend of mine had posted this session of Seth’s on facebook just a few minutes before I received this revelation. I find this quite interesting as I must have ‘picked-up’ on her energy without knowing it… or possibly Seth’s. Thanks Kathleen 🙂

    March 27 2015 at 8:57am ·
    “Joseph [Robert Butts] was right when he spoke of entities creating stages upon which to act out their problems.
    The point of course being that, once the play begins, the actors are so completely immersed in their roles that they forget that they themselves wrote the play, constructed the sets, or are even acting. The reason for this is rather apparent.
    If you know that a situation is imaginary you are not going to bother trying to solve it. This way you have your actors taking the situation as it seems to be, but looking about in some amazement now and then to wonder how they got where they are, who constructed the stage and so forth.
    They do not realize that the whole thing is self-created nor should they, in the main, since the urgency to solve problems would dissolve.
    I am not worried that I am going to disturb the balance that exists from it.
    The fact is that realization, to some degree, can come and often does come after the play is well under way, and at this point the camouflage action is so involved that the realization itself appears in the framework of the camouflage, and is often indistinguishable from it. ”
    –Seth, session 31


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