That’s Just As Good As It Gets, You See.

Abraham Hicks – Excerpt from Feb 2013 Summoning Non-physical Friends:

…But when you begin to understand that You are Vibration and that Source is Vibration;

When you understand that Life is eternal, and that this is the Leading Edge, and that the manifestations that you are reaching for are the fuller version of the vibrational version.

And that which you think of as nonphysical is in on all of that.

And that what we all are is consciousness; and that what consciousness is love.

And that what love is, is feeling.

And to be in physical bodies where you have the ability to TRANSLATE the feeling of SOURCE into meaningful moments, that’s just as good as it gets, you see….


Yeshua, What Does Matter?

j: Elias says, “It Matters Not.”
Yeshua, What Does Matter? If I’m not to be concerned with this physical life, nor trying to change it, what is my concern to be? What should my focus be? What should I be thinking about?

YESHUA:  You should ONLY be allowing the thoughts of the Holy Spirit. Yield yourself to ‘His’ thought ONLY.
Pay attention to your feelings! How are you feeling about what you are thinking about?

j: Thank You, My Brother!
So when Abraham says, “Reach for the best-feeling thought you have access to right now.”  The best-feeling thought that I have access to is the thought of the Holy Spirit.