You Cannot Hurt Me ~ I Create My Own Reality

2015 01 23 ~ My previous understanding has been that you could only hurt me if I allowed you to hurt me and this has worked for me for some time. However I have never quite been able to master that concept.

Actually you have no power to hurt me at all. I retain that power. In actuality I am the one that hurts myself based on how I perceive each situation.

If I make the statement that you have hurt me or even to say that I have allowed you to hurt me, which would be a step toward further understanding, I am still seeing you as the source of my pain in some form, and that is incorrect.

My perception determines my feelings. I make that choice.

I alone retain the choice of whether I experience pain or joy based on any given situation. I am the creator of my own reality.

If I choose to feel pain over something that you have said to me, I have that right. If I want to go into a depressed state of mind based on what I have determined to be the opinions of others, that I am not cared for, I can make that choice. But my choice of pain and suffering is strictly my choice. You, nor anyone else, did not create my unhappiness, I did.

You cannot hurt me. You cannot depress me. You cannot take my power away from me, even if I could agree to such a thing.

I make my own choices.

If it were your intention to hurt me, it matters not. You have no control over my feelings.

I am the one who makes the choice to feel pain or to retain my own joy.

I am whole and complete. I am joy. I am who I am within ALL THAT IS. If I make a choice to EXPERIENCE a feeling outside of my own reality I have that right but that is all that it would be…just an experience.



Friends with my Body

2015 01 13 ~ Today I made friends with my body for the first time. Today I begin to honor my body as it has served me well. I have treated it horribly in the past and that time is over. I have cursed it and then expected it to preform perfectly for me. I am strong and today I am changing my mind. I am making a different choice.

My body is precious to me and has served me in spite of my cursings. My body is strong and will carry me to value fulfillment in this focus and this body consciousness is working in conjunction with my objective and subjective consciousness to perform in harmony as we are designed to do.

“Body I thank you as you are the physical projection of who we are and I am proud to be a part of us.” Ha Ha.




Purity of the Experience

2015 01 10 ~ I am beginning to see why I would choose not to remember:

As a member of Mass Consciousness in which made the decision to create this particular dimension or universe I can see how it would be an uneventful experience to ‘inter into’ this dimension as a participant or human and get the full experience of what had been created with the complete understanding of the creation itself.

I see it as if I were the creator of a card game, sitting down to play the game with three other people that had no idea what the rules or strategies of the game were; or if I had created a maze for others to figure out but then I decided to go through the maze with the others and I knew every trick, every illusion, every turn and distraction because I was the one who had created the maze to begin with.

As much as I have hated the phrase ‘purity of the experience’ I do think that I am beginning to relax just a little bit with the thought that I have chosen to participate or experience the wonders of this dimension in which I have placed myself without full knowledge of its creation.

I think the reason that I have hated this life experience so is that it has frightened me because I felt that I had no control, that the universe could throw anything that it wished on me and I had no recourse.

But that is the very challenge of this creation isn’t it. That is my value fulfillment to understand that I am the creator and the only energy that this universe has is what I give it. I am the creator and I am the un-creator, I’m just not aware of it and that realization is the object of the game. Once I begin to create and un-create at will I have mastered this experience from the inside out or from the ‘purity of the experience’ so to speak.

So once I understand the rules I can play the game and play the game to win!