Friends Sharing Energy

Only those of you that ‘listen’ to trees will be able to appreciate this story:

My husband and I bought a cherry tree last spring but it bloomed early and the frost killed it. I was very saddened by his ‘passing’.  His name was Charlie.  He was my friend.

Our neighbors kept telling me the tree was dead and that I needed to dig it up…

At the end of this season I picked up a Japanese Maple that was marked down to $5 and I brought it in the house for the winter just to see what it would do. About a week ago when I was opening the blinds the Japanese Maple said, “I am Charlie.”

I remembered that Stanley (white oak in our backyard) had told me years ago that humans were the only ones that thought that their energy was trapped within their body. (Actually Stanley, himself, had moved his energy into a small oak tree that we had planted when we moved 5 years ago.)

The other day I had to move Groot (baby white pine) from the living room window into the dining room so that I could put up the Christmas tree so I put him next to Charlie. And immediately I felt that they were both happy and were communicating.

I know I’m crazy. But Alice (in wonderland) said that the best people are. HeHe

The next morning Groot had grown three pine needles way out almost touching Charlie. Since they were both in pots and their roots couldn’t touch like they do in the wild, they were reaching out from their tops and sharing their energy.

How cool is that!


2017 11 08 Groot and Charlie


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