2015 05 16 ~ The fact that we are experiencing linear time is the reason that we feel confined and restricted. We are still creating and uncreating, it is just that with the slower vibrational tones creating the feelings of thickness it is so much more difficult to retain the KNOWING of our true existence.

Outside of these physical bodies we will be creating and uncreating as we do now but we will be able to observe our creations being created without the thickness of time.

The unknown leaves you in a position of wanting to imagine what non-physical will be like so that we are not so apprehensive. Apprehensive may not be the correct word as that connotation holds a type of fear and I don’t feel fear exactly but I desire to envision non-physical so that I can say to myself, oh okay, it’s not really that different, it’s just outside of the slow crawl of linear time and you can actually ‘see’ what you are experiencing.



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