You Cannot Hurt Me ~ I Create My Own Reality

2015 01 23 ~ My previous understanding has been that you could only hurt me if I allowed you to hurt me and this has worked for me for some time. However I have never quite been able to master that concept.

Actually you have no power to hurt me at all. I retain that power. In actuality I am the one that hurts myself based on how I perceive each situation.

If I make the statement that you have hurt me or even to say that I have allowed you to hurt me, which would be a step toward further understanding, I am still seeing you as the source of my pain in some form, and that is incorrect.

My perception determines my feelings. I make that choice.

I alone retain the choice of whether I experience pain or joy based on any given situation. I am the creator of my own reality.

If I choose to feel pain over something that you have said to me, I have that right. If I want to go into a depressed state of mind based on what I have determined to be the opinions of others, that I am not cared for, I can make that choice. But my choice of pain and suffering is strictly my choice. You, nor anyone else, did not create my unhappiness, I did.

You cannot hurt me. You cannot depress me. You cannot take my power away from me, even if I could agree to such a thing.

I make my own choices.

If it were your intention to hurt me, it matters not. You have no control over my feelings.

I am the one who makes the choice to feel pain or to retain my own joy.

I am whole and complete. I am joy. I am who I am within ALL THAT IS. If I make a choice to EXPERIENCE a feeling outside of my own reality I have that right but that is all that it would be…just an experience.



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