Purity of the Experience

2015 01 10 ~ I am beginning to see why I would choose not to remember:

As a member of Mass Consciousness in which made the decision to create this particular dimension or universe I can see how it would be an uneventful experience to ‘inter into’ this dimension as a participant or human and get the full experience of what had been created with the complete understanding of the creation itself.

I see it as if I were the creator of a card game, sitting down to play the game with three other people that had no idea what the rules or strategies of the game were; or if I had created a maze for others to figure out but then I decided to go through the maze with the others and I knew every trick, every illusion, every turn and distraction because I was the one who had created the maze to begin with.

As much as I have hated the phrase ‘purity of the experience’ I do think that I am beginning to relax just a little bit with the thought that I have chosen to participate or experience the wonders of this dimension in which I have placed myself without full knowledge of its creation.

I think the reason that I have hated this life experience so is that it has frightened me because I felt that I had no control, that the universe could throw anything that it wished on me and I had no recourse.

But that is the very challenge of this creation isn’t it. That is my value fulfillment to understand that I am the creator and the only energy that this universe has is what I give it. I am the creator and I am the un-creator, I’m just not aware of it and that realization is the object of the game. Once I begin to create and un-create at will I have mastered this experience from the inside out or from the ‘purity of the experience’ so to speak.

So once I understand the rules I can play the game and play the game to win!



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