Bashar – 13th Step

2015 04 14 ~ (somewhat paraphrased)…everything exists right now…the thing that is new is your POINT OF VIEW of the structure… That’s always changing, that’s always new but the structure never changes….

Earth is not kindergarten… Earth is a master class of transforming darkness into light and you have to be a very strong soul to do that….

It does not matter what has happened to you. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do now. Do you understand?

Now remember this:

We call this the 13th step. The idea is to understand that as you make ANY CHANGE AT ALL YOU HAVE ACTUALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING. You are literally shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second. And as you redefine yourself you shift and as you shift you literally become a different person, literally. I don’t care if you still think you look the same, you are not the same person.

And when you truly understand that from moment to moment you are literally not the same person that was here a moment ago, then the further understanding that goes with that is that if you truly are a different person, you actually literally have a different history (jlj- it is not a constant) because the past is created from the present not the other way around. Does that make sense to any of you?



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