New Information Coming Through

If I had only known this 25 years ago ~

New information coming through first appears to me symbolically as unknown, or scary because my body consciousness is fighting back against something that it cannot identify. It’s only defense is to try and protect me from what it doesn’t recognize and ‘reacts’ with fight or flight which I interpret as something fearful or dangerous that could possibly hurt me.

I had a dream in April in which I was running down a path and as I am running a young male dear runs toward me from the right side and slams into my body. In the dream I was carrying the baby dear and holding its head in my hands as I ran because it wouldn’t be still. I felt that I had to hold it or it would hurt me again. I remember looking at it to make sure that it didn’t have horns and it didn’t but I was still holding its head.

I had another dream this September and in the dream I was walking on this dirt path through a woodsy area and I heard someone’s voice from behind the bushes making different animal noises. The last sound that I remember hearing was someone trying to meow like a cat.
As I was walking down the path I knew that I was dreaming and I was wondering what the fake animal sounds were supposed to represent.
As I typed the dream I realized that the woods were not real. It was like I was walking through the props of a movie set with plastic trees and shrubs.

I realize today how prophetic these dreams were but at the time I had no clue what they meant. Both of these dreams were to show me that my perception is based on what I believe to be true. And just because I believe it doesn’t make it true. A baby deer cannot hurt me. And in the same manner if I had stopped to identify the animal sounds, I would have seen that it was just a kitten meowing. My dream was trying to get my attention to show me that my perception was fake. There was nothing to fear. But I was afraid to look.

Of all the visions and dreams that I have experienced over the last 25 or so years… if I just could have understood this. Just this recognition is my salvation. And today is a New Day.

My ‘New Information’ for today is to begin to recognize something that I ‘see’ to be frightening as new information coming through. Upon this recognition, I am alerting my body consciousness that there is nothing to fear. This is only new information coming through that is to be accepted and welcomed.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. ACIM-T-in.2

If it is Easy, it is Not Valued; If it is Easy, There is No Challenge

It seems that this would be the key to the creation of this entire universe to me. If we want to play games then it makes total sense that we would make them as complicated as possible just for the fun of it. What fun is a game without a challenge? We want the challenge of trying to figure out the strategy for ourselves. We want to be the winners because we figured it out so we create the most complicated game strategies and rules that are ‘mentally’ possible for us just for the thrill! Even if it frightens us we will still watch the scary movie to see how and why Norman Bates kills the girl in the shower. ‘Secretly’ we want to feel the fear! We want to see if we can figure out the most complicated cases.
We cannot be bored or we will not play.

Excerpt from Elias’ session 228:
Question: I believe it is possible to go from nearsightedness to perfect eyesight, but I don’t know the methodology or practical procedures of doing so, and I have never met anyone who has done that.
ELIAS: And it is not necessary to objectively know the methodology. What is important to know is precisely what we have been discussing: the importance of your not wanting the sight that you have created. When that becomes less important, you will generate much more success in altering your sight. As it continues to be very important, you continue to create it.
Question: So I have to keep looking for the motive, the reason why I supposedly don’t want good eyesight?
ELIAS: Or you can simplify and merely begin to lessen the importance of what you do not like.
Question: How do you do that? It’s not easy.
ELIAS: It is not easy, for you create it to be complicated. (Laughter) But in actuality, it is quite simple and it is quite easy. But you incorporate fascinations with complicating and generating much more energy than is necessary.
If it is easy, it is not valued; if it is easy, there is no challenge. But if it is complicated, you can unravel it, and that is an action that you are all quite fascinated with.
It may be likened to a present: if an individual hands you a gift and it is unwrapped, you may accept it and you may thank them; if an individual hands you a gift and it is wrapped in paper and in strings and you must unwrap it, you will generate more excitement, for you have presented yourself a surprise. You may receive the same gift, but the one that is wrapped will be more exciting, for it is more complicated. (Chuckles)    ©2015 Mary Ennis. All Rights Reserved.

Wow, what I have learned about myself today. I understand why I do not like games. I have made the decision to back away from challenges and confrontations as much as possible as this is my final focus and I am searching for a better way, an easier way…
I am searching for TRUTH! And everything else bores me. How’s that for the ultimate oxymoron of humanity! YES!
Thank You Father… and Elias…and Yeshua, My Brother… (It feels so good to know that asking for help is a good thing. I don’t have to have all the answers myself… even though I really do I just don’t remember. That’s why I need help. Ha! Ha!)
I guess it’s somewhat funny to me to remember that I went to bed asking for help and waking up this morning with the knowing that even as Our Father loves creation and creating and we have taken on those ‘experiences’ He never meant for me to ‘forget’ who I AM in the process! That was my decision… Thus ‘the tiny mad idea’.


You allowed us to believe that you were crucified as it gave us the sense of knowing and seeing you as the Son of God. This was the only thing that we were able to accept at this time. Not the truth but an illusion, a form of the truth which allows us to see you as being a bridge to Our Father. You even referred to God as your Father which allowed us to accept Him without fear. This was a giant step forward from the belief in sacrificing animals for our salvation, even though that had been a giant step of belief in their time.

It is time to move on again and the concept of a dream world has been introduced.

I want so to understand what is Truth but as You say, I am incapable of accepting what is true, I am still only capable of seeing You in symbolic stories and illusive dreams, and forced to believe in these symbols, one step at a time, as I lay one down and move forward to the next. What I feel that I am experiencing is not a dream but it has been all that I am able to accept, and although I have only been aware of the belief in the dream state for a short time, I find myself very unsatisfied and long to move on to a deeper understanding.

It seems that believing in symbols would be harmful but God is Who and What He is and what I believe Him to be is not going to change Him in any way regardless. However I see Him, symbolically, is my truth for this moment and cannot change what God is or who we are in any way. We accept as much as we allow ourselves to accept and then we wait until we are ready to move forward again.

Dreaming? No I am not asleep. I do need to wake up from something, but what it is I do not know yet. This should be ok with me but it’s not. This state of being has no security, I have a need to KNOW Who and What God is and Who I am. This driving force keeps me in a state of unrest. I know everyone keeps talking about following the peace but for some reason that has never worked for me. I am always pushing…pushing…searching for more…never satisfied, and I feel as if I never will be satisfied until I fully understand, or at least understand more than I understand now. Always needing to know more.

But yet I feel that this is good. I have come from believing in a Hebrew God of vengeance, to believing that God’s Only Begotten Son was crucified for my sin, to believing that I have not sinned, I have just mistakenly chosen this dreamlike state in which I need to be awakened in order to remember my original beginnings. All of these beliefs, symbolical though they may be, are relatively safe as each leads me further toward accepting Truth. Basically because I never quite buy them as being completely true which keeps me constantly seeking.

So as I see pictures of Jesus on the cross, I understand the need to believe and find security in that belief, I’ve been there. I remember how desperate I was to have a savior that I could believe could rescue me from the state that I was in and of course from the ever present belief in the hell fire and damnation that I had heard so many preachers screaming about. For that belief in Jesus as my savior, I am thankful.

Then to understand that the belief in sin was man’s idea not God’s took me even a step further, which I desperately needed to finally relieve myself of guilt. For this belief I am thankful. But now it’s time to move forward again, knowing that the next step is not my final destination, not even close, but that’s ok, I’ll get there, I don’t know when, but I’ll get there. The Kingdom of God is not going anywhere.

2011 10 01

Experiencing the Game

I actually wanted to experience how it would feel to be a ‘human/physical being’ that was having pain and how a human would re-act to the fear of death. I wanted to experience the trauma of sickness and loss and depression. I wanted to know how it would be to be upset and uneasy and insecure.

I wanted to experience all of the things that I am not… but why?

Am I just THAT curious? Is it because I knew that it wasn’t real and that I could stop the charade at any moment?

Yeshua, can we talk? And what type of experience are you having? Even though you no longer have the desire to experience ‘human/physical reality’ as you have been there, done that, you are ‘experiencing’ some other type of interest, correct?

Would I be correct in saying that this is who we are as creators, moving ‘mentally’ from one experience to the next just to see what it would be like if we were in those situations? Is that what it means to create?

Yes, I feel you smiling.

So that is why you can say that everything is neutral, that we give everything its meaning. And within a world based on belief systems, you pick a belief and put a situation in the category that you decide is right or wrong, from a human perspective that is.

You know I’m not a game player but I can see how this would appeal to those that are, just going from one game to another, conquering all the levels of one game then on to the next game that is much more challenging. Even my statement that I am not a game player sounds funny to me as I say it, as I am realizing that my not liking games is no more than my choice for the situation that I have chosen for this ‘experience’.

The ‘Real Me’ is quite obviously a big game player, I just wanted to experience how it would feel not to want to play the game while living within the game. (Matrix) So it’s not that I’m out to prove that this is not real. I am out to prove that anything CAN be real for me if that is my choice? Yikes.

Is it possible that I could actually be bored with the knowing that I have full control of who I am so I have chosen to forget who I really am in order to experience a challenge? This would make the crazy mad idea (A Course in Miracles) not so crazy and mad; it would make the idea an intentional choice. Am I correct? I knew that already didn’t I? Yes, but now it is alive.

Always before I could not get past the whys of it all.


I know I always say this but… this is the most important information that I have ever received. Ha! Ha! I will say this though, I think this is the most important revelation that I have received to date and I think that you would agree with that. (Smiley Face)

Thanks! For you kindness and your patience. I long to ‘experience’ the real you outside the game.

Heck, I long to experience the REAL ME outside of the game! Now that will be an experience!



Physical Healing with Physical Methods

If I attempt to heal my body with any type of physical method, be it medicine, food, exercise, etc… I am fighting fire with fire, so to speak. It is the same energy source. Christian Evangelist Kenneth Copeland used to say (paraphrased), a thought against a thought has the same power, sometimes you have to speak. It’s the same principle if I attempt to fight a physical condition with another physical condition I still have a physical condition which is subject to change.

Whereas, Spirit to physical is the game changer; As Spirit CREATES physical or abolishes it! Physical has No CHANCE against Spirit!

I am reflecting my perfection and if I do not see perfection it does not mean that I am not perfect. It simply means that I am perceiving my reflection as imperfect based on the beliefs of another.


It is the Experience that is Reality not the Physical Projection of the Experience

I am perfection. Through my curiosity I have made the decision to experience what it would be like if I were a human being on a planet called earth. I am projecting my thoughts of this experience and therefore creating this human reality that I am experiencing.

This does not change the fact that I am perfection. I am complete and whole as a perfect creation within My Father and All That Is.

This present experience is only that, an experience, for which I have had many, and this experience does not in any way change my state of perfection. It is the experience that is the reality and not the physical projection of the experience.

As I think of the fact that I have desired to experience this type of situation for myself, it is almost embarrassing. I think, why would I want to pretend to be a human? They are a hybrid animal/alien species; at the top of the animal chain, I admit, but still, however an animal, none the less. Humanity is no more than big foot with less hair and a larger brain; still animal in every aspect, still fighting, still desiring to control or conquer others and still physically reproducing their young. Why would I even be curious about how they live?


Then I realized that I had ‘put myself into this reality’ to the point that I think that I am one of them. I have also taken on their way of thinking. Only a human would be embarrassed about wanting to know what it is like to be a human. I am thinking with the belief system of a human. How funny is that? Ha! Ha! Ha!




2015 06 06 ~ I have been so frustrated with myself for so many years trying to understand what happens to a revelation once I have spoken it or written it down.

That information has been assimilated and is now being used and it is no longer ‘filed’ in the revelation ‘box’. It is alive within me. It is a part of me now.

That revelation box no longer exists because it was only inactive information until I understood it and assimilated it into my beingness.

This is which makes it very difficult to go back and find it as a revelation. That revelation, as a revelation, no longer exists! I’m looking for that revelation ‘feeling’ of excitement and I have moved on into living the knowledge instead of worshiping it.

Well how about that!



2015 05 16 ~ The fact that we are experiencing linear time is the reason that we feel confined and restricted. We are still creating and uncreating, it is just that with the slower vibrational tones creating the feelings of thickness it is so much more difficult to retain the KNOWING of our true existence.

Outside of these physical bodies we will be creating and uncreating as we do now but we will be able to observe our creations being created without the thickness of time.

The unknown leaves you in a position of wanting to imagine what non-physical will be like so that we are not so apprehensive. Apprehensive may not be the correct word as that connotation holds a type of fear and I don’t feel fear exactly but I desire to envision non-physical so that I can say to myself, oh okay, it’s not really that different, it’s just outside of the slow crawl of linear time and you can actually ‘see’ what you are experiencing.


Bashar – 13th Step

2015 04 14 ~ (somewhat paraphrased)…everything exists right now…the thing that is new is your POINT OF VIEW of the structure… That’s always changing, that’s always new but the structure never changes….

Earth is not kindergarten… Earth is a master class of transforming darkness into light and you have to be a very strong soul to do that….

It does not matter what has happened to you. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do now. Do you understand?

Now remember this:

We call this the 13th step. The idea is to understand that as you make ANY CHANGE AT ALL YOU HAVE ACTUALLY CHANGED EVERYTHING. You are literally shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second. And as you redefine yourself you shift and as you shift you literally become a different person, literally. I don’t care if you still think you look the same, you are not the same person.

And when you truly understand that from moment to moment you are literally not the same person that was here a moment ago, then the further understanding that goes with that is that if you truly are a different person, you actually literally have a different history (jlj- it is not a constant) because the past is created from the present not the other way around. Does that make sense to any of you?



2015 03 27 ~ Is it possible that I have only chosen each experience just as an experience? Is it possible that I just wanted to feel what it would be like to be afraid? Is it possible that all that I agreed to was to ‘see’ what would happen if I were afraid? Is it just possible that all that I wanted to do was observe?

If that is all true then why do I feel that I have to bring each situation to a close? Why do I feel that I have to ‘solve’ each situation? Why am I anticipating an end?

Do I not have freedom of choice? Can I not just move away after observing? Do I have to ‘handle’ each situation as if it were real or is it possible that I can smile and be satisfied that I have experienced?